100 Days Journey


Hello! I’m Christel James Reola Betia aka JourneyingJames. I started traveling solo 2009 after I left my job as a highschool teacher. I am addicted to traveling even when I was still working. Since I wasn’t able to save money from my regular job I learned to travel with very limited resources, I walked or hitchhiked to dream destinations. I also brought with me hammock to save on accommodation.

On 2010, I embarked on a 14-day trip around Visayas region with only Php250/day (US$6) budget. Year 2011, I traveled around Mindanao for 16 days living on Php Php360/day (US$8). By the end of the year 2011 I felt the urged to top these personal challenges and start visiting all the provinces of the Philippines. Hence 100 Days Journey came to birth. I told myself to just go: 100 days backpacking the Philippines, non-stop, the cheapest way possible.

This is the product of that journey. A recollection of both mundane and unbelievable experiences during the 100-day journey. I hope this book would inspire the youth to travel and see the world and encourage everyone that money (or lack of it) is never a hindrance to following your dreams.

I invite you to join me in this 100 day journey. :)


Read the book: www.100daysjourney.com

Read the blog: www.journeyingjames.com



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  1. Jho Asuncion

    Hi James, you are really inspiring! im just a newbie solo traveler and still afraid of going to different parts of country. Reading your blog makes me feel that there’s absolutely nothing to fear because Filipinos are really hospitable and helpful. Thanks for your awesome blog! Stay awesome Sir James.. Best Regards!


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