100 Days Journey

Day 0: Crunch Time

I actually don’t want to think much about it but it beckons, it calls and brings chills to my body. Somehow there is this fear of the unknown, of what will happen if I wasn’t able to finish the challenge. But then there is also this hope telling me that at least I tried.

Once I published the plan on my blog www.journeyingjames.com last December of 2011, I said to myself there is no turning back. THIS. IS. IT. I’m not getting any younger, I don’t have a wife or kids, and there will never be a perfect time to do this but NOW. I wanted to make this dream a reality TODAY or it will forever remain a dream.

Preparation was hard. I have to take note of the season, budget concerns, trip schedules and most especially battle with homesickness. I remember in 2011 where I traveled around Mindanao for 16 days. I was supposed to extend it for another 16 days in the Visayas but I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I needed to make another month-long trip to the Visayas and learn how to cope with missing my familiar pillow and bed (my family and the house cat). The travel challenges I undertook for the past years prepared me for this journey.

Constantly tweaking my itinerary. This has been my routine for almost 2 months before "ISANGDAAN Journey."

Constantly tweaking my itinerary. This has been my routine for almost 2 months before “ISANGDAAN Journey.”

I started a countdown on my website that lets me and others see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds are left before I finally do the challenge. It kept me excited for sometime but as the day came closer my fear got bigger. I still don’t have my dream laptop and some gears that my journey demands and most of all, I still lack more than half of the travel money I need. But these didn’t stop me from believing in this dream. Perseverance!

Some thought I was rich. I guess I am if you count richness of friends and experiences, but with money, I’m not, I guess I just know what I want to achieve and do everything I can to reach it. Months became weeks and weeks became days. The last 48 hours was the busiest, I have to attend to at least five meetings in Manila, buy my dream MacBook Air and do some last minute fine tuning with my itinerary. I ate at my fave burrito place and do the things I will not be able to do during the 100-day challenge. My mind was busy and the clock’s hand began to tick-tock, tick-tock.


Day 0: Crunch Time

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Day 0: Crunch Time September 26, 2014