100 Days Journey

Day 2: Prayer Mountain

Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain has always been my fortress since my highschool days. A lot of important decisions were made here. And I would always consult God whenever I’m attempting a larger than life task.

Every journey must begin with a prayer. A prayer of guidance, of good health and of safety. My help comes from the Maker of the mountains and I waited for the sun to rise, to shine on my face. I slept a good 9 hours, then I headed on to my fave spot – the hill with a heart-shaped pool full of koi fishes. Waking up still dark and slowly seeing light as the dark clouds begin to become lighter, I sat on a piece of wood facing the east. Cicadas and birds were singing, there was this humming of nature that is so hard to hear in the city, the silence of my heart, the dew, the different shades of green on the mountain, all these made the morning more magical.

After lunch, my friend Runnel joined me at the Prayer Mountain. We had a good talk about life and the things we do. I shared with him my fear and excitement of the following days. He was very supportive of the idea, a real brother.

I did some reflection on my heavy backpack. I think I was carrying too much load and I need to lessen it. In times like this you get to choose only the essentials, so I started weeding out the stuff that were unneeded. Even my first aid kit was reduced to half its weight and I even have to leave my socks. Every gram counts.

I realize that in life we carry too much load, do too much work, worry too much, think too much, spend too much, eat too much, drink too much, and commit too much. The tendency is to get as much as we can and we lose sight of living in the ‘now.’ We lose faith and hope for tomorrow’s blessing. We seem to forget that tomorrow offers something new and fresh. We tend to fill the cup to the brim; soon it spills when we try to drink from it.

Do you know that I even had to shave my head three days prior to the trip to save on expenses? This way, I will be needing only a small amount of shampoo and conditioner plus there is no need to apply hair gel. Every peso counts too.

Most of my time in the Prayer Mountain was spent doing nothing, just trying to feel myself, to condition my mind and heart for the coming days. It was a very relaxing day, I sipped some tea and banked in more rest.

Route: Prayer Mountain, Antipolo City, Rizal

Expenses for today: Php 315


Day 2: Prayer Mountain

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Day 2: Prayer Mountain October 2, 2014