100 Days Journey

Day 21: Much Needed Rest

I had my photo taken beside the Ifugao hut where I stayed. It was another added adventure in my life. It was good to experience something locals do. Made me more connected and deeper into the cultural experience. You see, there’s always a different thing waiting to be experienced when you are out there exploring things for yourself.

James at Ifugao House Batad

By 7 o’clock I was already sipping my last cup of Arabica before I bid good-bye to Batad. I was the only Pinoy backpacker among the seven who were in the dining area and I felt sad thinking that my fellow countryman were either busy shopping or watching movies in the city. Would I be wrong to say that, “foreigners are more interested of explore the Philippines compared to Filipinos?”

Around 8am I started to go back to the saddle. My Sandugo slippers are beginning to show signs of retirement. I just bought them days before my 100 Days Journey but they are about to give up on me now, too much walking maybe.

I planned to journey down until I reach Quirino province but I was too tired I settled in Lamut, Ifugao where my aunts lives. There my cousin Beryl prepared a native chicken tinola. Naimas (delicious) in their local tongue! It was a good lunch and before long my tiredness began to crept in, I took a quick shower then went to bed. It was a good decision to stay at Lamut overnight instead of continuing to Quirino. It was a much needed rest and somehow helped me cope with homesickness. Having a real family energized me to continue the journey. I went to Lamut Town Center and watched the sun set in magical orange.

Beryl at Lamut

I learned that we have relatives in Quirino whom my Auntie Mendy contacted so I have someone to look for when I get to Quirino.

Route: Batad – Banaue – Lagawe – Lamut, Ifugao

Expenses for Today: Php293

7- biscuit
50- junction to banawe 1hr
100- breakfast at banaue
37- jeepney banawe to lagawe 45min
39- jeepney lagawe to lamut 45min
10- tricycle
50- internet
Php 293


Day 21: Much Needed Rest

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Day 21: Much Needed Rest February 10, 2015