100 Days Journey

Day 22: Maddela Falls, Quirino

A new day! Looking at my small map, I would be passing by Nueva Viscaya and Isabela before I arrive in Quirino. I’m excited to set foot on these provinces- especially Quirino.

Getting here and there is much easier as locals are so much helpful to strangers. I hailed a jeepney to Bagabag Junction, Nueva Viscaya then took another jeepney to Cabarroguis, Quirino. I passed by denuded mountains and some quarrying facilities along the way. This made me sad and asked, “when will ‘legal’ logging and quarrying stop?”

I had a quick stopover at Diffun town where my uncle Boy lives. He treated me lunch before I headed to Maddela, another Quirino town southwest of Diffun. I really don’t know what to expect in this province as there was no online accounts regarding the province’s tourist spots. What I did was to go to the town hall and looked for the tourism office. They were surprised that there is someone touring their town out of nowhere. I told them I’m traveling for 100 days around the Philippines and wanted to include their small town in the book I would be writing. They were helpful enough and welcomed me as a valued guest. They even arranged for a service to Maddela waterfalls. The care taker, Sir Jun Movilla took good care of me arranging for my accommodation and food in the Forest Reserve. I was thankful for these locals who made my journey easier.

Maddela Falls Quirino

Maddela Waterfalls all to myself

After I had a refreshing dip at Maddela waterfalls, I was invited to have a drink with the locals who were also preparing for my dinner. I just gave Php200 for dinner and they took care of everything. A portion of the meat was grilled for “pulutan.” This would always happen as I journey around the Philippines. Drinking, drinking and more drinking. I believe this is a big part of Filipino culture- one way to relax and meet new friends.

I was already tired when we started drinking Emperador light so I became tipsy quick, I told them I have to sleep as I will be leaving Quirino for Aurora early morning. I look forward to seeing Baler waves.

Route: Lamut, Ifugao – Junction Bagabag – Cordon – Diffun, Quirino – Maddela, Quirino

Expenses for Today: Php363

13-lamut to bagabag (20mins)
40- bagabag to cordon (45mins)
15- cordon to diffun (15mins)
55- diffun to maddela (1hr)
200- food & accommodation
40- drinks
Php 363


Day 22: Maddela Falls, Quirino

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Day 22: Maddela Falls, Quirino February 12, 2015