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Day 24: Out-Of-Sync at Fast-Paced Manila & Cebu

Good morning Manila! I kinda miss your pollution, traffic and fast-paced people,”

was my tweet when I woke up after a 2-hour sleep. When I arrived 2:00am in Manila, I did my laundry first before going to sleep. Ohhhh, I thank my friend Aggy for opening her apartment for me to spend the night.

My clothes were still wet when I left Manila for Mandaluyong as I should meet with the organizers at Robinsons Galleria before going to the airport for our 3-day Cebu City tour. I left more than half of my stuff in Manila and just brought my MacBook Air, Panasonic LX5 camera, 2 shirts and a pair of pants, if I remember it right I surprised my fellow bloggers with a 3-kilo backpack.

Mactan International Airport

We arrived at the city welcomed by DOT Cebu with shell necklaces then went straight to Summit Circle Hotel where we will be spending two nights. Coconut juice were served as welcome drinks and the optional hot towelette to clean our face and hands. We were given our personal keycards and I hurriedly went inside my cozy room. Fresh fruits and cookies were waiting on the small table. I instantly logged-in to the internet and posted some photos of where I am staying. You see, I’ve been a nomad for the past days and what I was enjoying that day was pure luxury.

Summit Circle Cebu Room

That’s my 3-kilo backpack, good for 3 days in Cebu City. Talk about traveling light

Ohhh I want to mention here that I really find myself out-of-sync with Manila and Cebu. I think I was adjusting after experiencing spending more than three weeks in unheard of places- Adams, Tinglayan, Maddela, Dinadiawan, etc. Somehow I think most Manila people don’t have “chill” in their vocabulary, everything was done fast-paced- people walk, talk and eat fast, almost everyone flashes his/her iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod, iDont-know-anymore and seems like Cebu City is next in line. I began to see the stark difference between the megacities and far-flung Philippine provinces. To be honest, I like it more in the provincial setting with very simple living, everyone smiles and takes their time to talk to people face-to-face. How come technology changed the way we communicate?

C2 Restaurant Summit Circle Cebu

What a feast! Tropical fruits overload, Shrimp kebabs and Crispy Kare-kare

So much for that. We were served with the best C2 Restaurant has to offer- Molo Soup as abre-gana, Crispy Kare-Kare (beef stewed with vegetables in peanut sauce), Seared Tilapia, Lumpiang Hubad, Seafood Inasal, Pandan and Aligue Rice. But wait there’s still dessert- Bibingka Souffle and Leche flan. Sinful dinner and my tummy was screaming “STOP!” I was so full that I have to make tea when I went back to my room. The night didn’t end without some gig at night. I met a blog-reader-turned-good-friend Mina who is based in Cebu and we had some party that night. Awesome night it was!

Route: San Jose, Nueva Ecija – Manila – Cebu City

Expenses for today: Php407

190- san jose to manila (3 hours, bus)
12- manila to cubao (jeepney)
12- cubao to ortigas (MRT train)
68- breakfast
15- hotel to IT park
80- booze
30- jeepney fares around cebu city
Airfare c/o Summit Circle Hotel Cebu in partnership with Cebu Pacific
Php 407


Day 24: Out-Of-Sync at Fast-Paced Manila & Cebu

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Day 24: Out-Of-Sync at Fast-Paced Manila & Cebu February 27, 2015