100 Days Journey

Day 25: Cebu City Tour

Unexpected? Yes. Because Cebu City is not part of my Days 24-26 in my original itinerary. I should be spending these days in Baler and Manila but I decided to reroute the itinerary to accommodate the Summit Circle Hotel invite. You see in traveling changes happens and you have to weigh the options well before giving in. This is part of my journey. An unexpected break form my hammock-hanging adventures- to rest, to replenish and stock energy for the coming days.

Colon Street Cebu CityWe had a tour of the city on my 25th day. Would you believe that it was my first time to go inside Fort San Pedro, the oldest fortress in the Philippines? We also visited The Heritage of Cebu Monument after passing by the oldest street in the Philippines- Calle Colon. You see almost everything oldest can be found in Cebu as this was one of the first cities in Southeast Asia. It should have been the capital of the Philippines but the friars chose Manila because resources were more replete in mainland Luzon compared to an island-province like Cebu.

Sto-Nino-interiorWe also went to Basilica del Sto. Niño. I really like the painting on the ceiling of this church plus of course the importance of this church to many faithful Catholics both in Cebu and the whole country. not to mention the most photographed place in the city- The Magellan’s Cross housed beside it. Then we toured The Jesuit House of 1730 and the Sandiego-Yap Ancestral House, one of the oldest house in the city which was transformed into a museum with Sto. Nino collections, old local paintings, heirloom and  many more collection. We ended the tour with some pasalubong-buying at Tabuan market where everyone brought the fishy smell back at the hotel, poor me- I didn’t have an extra shirt. hahaha I smell a true blue backpacker now. I’m saving my last clean shirt for the flight back to Manila the next day.

Sandiego-Yap Ancestral House

We had our dinner at Tops overlooking the city. I really find it romantic to be eating on a candlelit dinner on a table laden with red tablecloth where you are served with champagne as you are looking into the menu book, waiting for your date to pick her favorite pasta (and salad and steak and lotsa sidedishes and shake and  chocolate cake then tells you she’s on a diet). All those didn’t happened as we are a group. I was just imagining what would have happened if I did this journey with someone special and budget was sky is the limit. Okay, that’s it for today, I don’t want this book to be melodramatic. Heck this is an adventure!



Route: Cebu City Tour

Expenses for Today: Php 70

70- booze
Board, Lodging and Tours c/o Summit Circle Hotel Cebu
Php 70


Day 25: Cebu City Tour

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Day 25: Cebu City Tour March 12, 2015