100 Days Journey

Day 26: Back to Manila

It was a kinky night. 😉

I woke up late (see earlier paragraph) and hurriedly made myself a bacon with lettuce sandwich before we left the hotel. We were scheduled to leave Mactan International Airport at 1210H for MNL. Going back to Manila means the end of the comforts of a hotel room with hot shower, clean sheets, crisp white towels and delectable meals. This would be my last look at Manila as the remaining seventy three days would be spent on raw settings and faraway islands.

There is something about looking out the airplane window that makes me nostalgic. It was like recording the Philippine topographical map, trying to figure out which island or city the plane is flying over.

Cebu City

Cebu topography

I spent the rest on my day at Robinsons Galleria, checking emails and updating my social media. I want to watch a movie before continuing to Southern Luzon tomorrow. I met with my good friend Mitch and we watched a movie Nothing much this day. I just noticed that I am quickly getting tired of plane rides. Maybe because of the air pressure or that constant waiting and falling in line?

back to Manila

Over Manila

I also Skyped with my dear friend whose in Kuwait City. She has been one of my inspiration during the journey. Crappy signal didn’t allow us to talk for long and I took the van going to my friend’s place and prepared my stuff for my jaunt to Quezon Province the following day.

Route: Cebu City – Mactan International Airport – Terminal 3, Manila – Robinsons Galleria – Manila

Expenses for Today: Php 279

55- sisig lunch
140- burger king
60- fries
14- bus robinsons to qc ave
10- qc ave to maceda
Php 279


Day 26: Back to Manila

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Day 26: Back to Manila April 19, 2015