100 Days Journey

Day 3: Meeting Friends

Extended sleep. I had a feeling that I will be needing this as the coming days will be tiring. I headed back to the heart-shaped pond to relax, listened to music and prayed. I must say that I love this place as it is very serene. As time passed by, my fear was turned to courage and my restlessness to confidence.

After lunch we descended back to Manila. I needed to reach Philippine Stocks Exchange in Ortigas Center before 5:00pm so I can exchange my bank check. I used some of my stocks investment to finance this trip because I know that this is a better investment – a gain that cannot be bought with money. This is once in a lifetime. Priceless.

Runnel and I then went to Cubao. About 6:00pm, more friends joined us at Gateway Mall. Sweeney and Mitch arrived first and we shared some jokes while we waited for Ira and Emma for a good dinner at Max’s Restaurant. They examined my bag and were somehow surprised. I was sharing to them my next destinations and as they continued talking, my mind drifted as I tried to review my itinerary. Somehow I could feel the restlessness once more.

We ordered chicken, chopsuey, pancit canton, shanghai and tofu. I guess this was one of my decent dinners throughout the journey. We transferred to Coffeee Bean and Tealeaf where they wished my journey well and finally bid each other goodbye. They left me a note on a table mat, “Sarap Kapiling ni journeyingjames [with a drawing of a pair of feet]. Hoping for the best, be safe and we’ll see you soon.”

Sarap Kapiling

I then went to my friend’s house in Valenzuela City.

I fixed my bag and removed other unnecessary things. From nine, my bag now weighs seven kilos. I wanted to trek swiftly and move efficiently I realized that in this journey, I’m not just spending less to travel more but also carrying less to, to travel far.

Tomorrow is a new destination.

Route: Rizal – QC – Ortigas – QC – Valenzuela City

Expenses for today: Php 401


Day 3: Meeting Friends

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Day 3: Meeting Friends October 5, 2014