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Day 31: Relax and Food Trip at Naga City

My Avenue Plaza Hotel bed created a mold for my body that it was so hard to get up from sleep. But I love mornings and buffet breakfast. So I washed up and got down for face meal of the day. My routine during hotel breakfast buffets would be- salad and juice, coffee and newspaper then finally the main course- stuffed egg, daing, bacon, sausages and yes with lotsa fried rice. I especially like the thin dried fish crispy fried they serve dunked to their local vinegar and ooh lala! Heaven can be found on breakfast tables too.

Avenue Plaza Hotel Buffet

I just spent the remaining hours updating the blog. When I checked out of the hotel, I went to the nearest place that offers Kinalas, that heavy soup with pork innards and pork’s brain on top. It became my late lunch. I still have a day left in Naga so I checked in at the Old Sampaguita Inn, there i washed my clothes and took more time to slack off. At dusk I went out to meet a reader of the blog, Ate Shiela, who offered to bring me to local restaurant for some food-tripping. Ate Sheila is friends with the owners and they treated us some of the best Bicolano dishes available- Beef Kare-Kare, Chicken Adobo and Pinangat at Red Platter. I also met a Canada-based Filipino poet, Ronel Amata, who shared with us some of his poems complete with emotions. He was this shy-type lad wearing a scientist-kind pair of glasses, hopeless romantic and always have to smoke in between poem recitations.

Ronel and Ate Shiela

Ronel Amata, the poet and Ate Shiela our food guide in Naga City

There is something about his poem that I asked if I could record it on the voice recorder. This was also the time when I was courting someone. So I sent the poem to that girl. <3 Unfortunately, we are not meant for each other.

Here’s the poem:


by Ronel Amata

this is a letter from a high-school hobo
to a riot-gear ballerina

two birds flying at night crash into each other
and as they spin falling in a cloud of feathers and starlight
they are reminded of a time before they learned how to fly

will we fold into each others secrets?
will we fit each each other like a spoon?

take my hand and chase stars with me
we’ll catch them if they fall
and bury them in the backyard of our childhood dreams
so we can always find our way back there

chase the shoreline
fly with a flock of airplanes
write our initials on the moon
leave our footprints in the clouds

swim with me through an ocean of bedsheets and sunday mornings

the warmest place in the world is next to you
won’t you let me sip coconuts in your arms

plant my name behind your tongue
that it may bloom in a garden of your smiles

we’ll find a beach to name after our children
and serenade the ocean as it refuses to stop kissing the shore
we’ll use toothbrushes as tuning forks

fake a limp and ride the elevator to the highest floor
and dance with me above the skyline

if you sing me a lullaby of forgiveness
i will keep you from all our broken promises
we can finger paint sunrises on each others skin

and finally
be an orphan with me
that we can name each other the way we name the stars
as if the constellations held the promise
we could find our way home.

We each went on our way! Ronel went back to Caramoan where he is staying. I will meet with Ate Shiela again.

Route: Around Naga City

Expenses for Today: Php502

40- Kinalas
8- magsaysay to centro (tricycle)
250- sampaguita inn (accommodation)
24- jeepney fare
180- beer and chips
Php 502


Day 31: Relax and Food Trip at Naga City

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Day 31: Relax and Food Trip at Naga City June 23, 2015