100 Days Journey

Day 32: Come to CamNorte

When I was browsing my Twitter feed the day before, I saw that my travel blogger friends, Ivan Henares and Karlo de Leon are also in Bicol- actually two hours north of Camarines Sur- Daet City in Camarines Norte. They are invited by the Office of the Provincial Tourism ℅ Atty. Debbie Francisco. I asked if I can tag along so I can include Camarines Norte in the ISANGDAAN trail and they said YES. So I woke up early and went for a short walk to the van terminals near SM Naga.

I took the public van going to Daet and waited for them at the Provincial Capitol. I waited and waited… it was a long wait, really like from 9:30am till past 1:00 in the afternoon. Travel teaches a lot of lesson on patience. The long hours of waiting for others, for transport or even for the right timing. My text messages were not being answered because they stayed overnight at Calaguas Island (see fact box below). Finally, around pass 2 o’clock in the afternoon, they arrived and we went to Bagasbas Lighthouse, the most chic accommodation at Bagasbas. Bagasbas is about 4 kilometers away from Daet. Bagasbas is also a surfing and windsurfing spot Camarines Sur. We ordered the best sellers in their restaurant- binagoongang baboy and ginataang isda. We were billeted in a nice cozy room.

_____ _____ __________ _____ ∞ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

The first time I visited Calaguas was with two counchsurfers, Joan from the Philppines and Clara from Romania, year 2011. Peaceful. Paradise. Divine. I remember writing this on my travel memoir,

“I think describing this place as “magayon” is an understatement (Magayon is Bicolano’s word for beautiful). Clara, my travel buddy can’t seem to find a perfect way to describe this piece of paradise. Oh yes, she said that “the most beautiful I have ever seen”… Calaguas is so magnificent. Last night we were just lying on the beach and trying to count the stars (this is the most stars I’ve seen so far). We saw some fireflies and enjoyed the night as the waves serenade us before we went to sleep… We woke up around 6:00am, with the quarter moon about to say goodbye and the orange sun begin to peep. I really don’t mind waking up each day of my life with this view.”

Calaguas Island

Calaguas island has become famous beginning 2012 when tour operators began bringing large group of tourists- up to more than 100 in one go, complete with boat bars, party music and catered food services. I knew right then that this pristine beach would end up not so well. It has lost its faraway charm where you just have to bring a tent or a hammock, cook food using campfire and enjoy the serenity and quiet of the place. Now summers in the island means fighting over the campsite because there is just too much tents, waiting in line to use the bathroom with a pail of fresh water and trying to find your sleep because some group are still singing their heart’s out on a mobile videoke. But then again, you can still enjoy this paradise but I tell you don’t go on a weekend.

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I spent more time resting before we tried another eatery for dinner. After dinner we capped the night with some booze and pizza. We slept early because we will explore more of Camarines Norte the next day.

Bagasbas Lighthouse

Enjoying some down time at Bagasbas Lighthouse

Naga City, Camarines Sur – Daet City, Camarines Norte – Bagasbas

Expenses for Today: Php223

188- naga to daet
10- daet to capitol
10- ice cream
10- pop cola
5- sweet beans
Dinner and Lodging c/o Camarines Provincial Tourism Office
Php 223


Day 32: Come to CamNorte

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Day 32: Come to CamNorte July 9, 2015