100 Days Journey

Day 35: Earthquake, Leave Everything Behind!

Half-naked and half-awake I felt the earth shook. For a second I was stunned. Looking at the gadgets and shirts on the table I thought of what to bring with me. My mind told me to get a shirt and leave everything behind. I wanted to run and get down to the ground floor as quickly as possible. And when I opened my door, the strong quake stopped. Whew! STUCK FOR A MOMENT. Adrenaline high, I fixed my stuff and stuffed everything in my bag. I’m afraid of the aftershocks. Thankfully, there was just a little tremor and that was it.

So I thought that was it. But a stronger quake was felt in my mind and heart.  I stopped for a while and tried to calm it but it was there waiting to be addressed. You see, I only brought with me my old blue Jansport bag, four shirts, two sandos, trekking pants, two shorts, mobile phone,camera, laptop and ATM card. Hoping these would help me survive ISANGDAAN Journey. These were dear things to me right there and then but the moment that earth quake struck Albay, all I can think of is to leave everything behind and run for my life. I was thinking twice if I would get anything from the table but my mind followed my heart to just leave everything behind and run. It was an eye-opener that the things I own mean nothing when it comes to life, death and survival. And it made me reflect of the things that I value much are actually trash and unimportant compared to life. That made me appreciate life and living more, life without the complexities of things acquired but of moments enjoyed, of friendships made and help given.

So I thought that was it. But a stronger quake was felt in my mind and heart…I was thinking twice if I would get anything from the table but my mind followed my heart to just leave everything behind and run.

There is a soft calm after the strong quake, muck like in the sea before and after a huge typhoon.

I took a bath. I packed my bag properly even if some shirts were still wet. I bought six pieces of toasted siopao and had coffee at the Legaspi Central Terminal before heading to Donsol.

“You are now leaving the Province of Albay,” a sign on the road says after about an hour inside the van; to which I replied, thank God for another province added on my list. Can’t wait to swim with your whalesharks Sorsogon.

Some people ask me, what do you do when you get lost? I said, that’s normal, “Gusto kong batukan sarili ko” but I would just laugh it off.  Like this, I missed where I suppose to get off at Putiao but I went until Sorsogon City. So I need to get get a ride back. Shit happens and it is part of the journey. But sometimes its double jeopardy especially when you get to be seated with a British backpacker that stinks soo bad on your way to Donsol. But then you have to still smile and try to befriend them anyway. It’s still part of the journey right? I just hope that Europeans who will read this book would take note of this. We welcome European backpackers but please take a shower, we Filipinos take a bath at least two times a day and we don’t forget to put on deodorant too.

Dancalan Beach Resort

My accommodation in Donsol, Sorsogon- Dancalan Beach Resort

Anyway, I arrived in Donsol and heard of sightings of whalesharks from the group that went out earlier the day. Since I have two days here, I opted to do that the next day. I just wanted to rest. And for starters, I was treated with kinunot (ray cooked in coconut milk with chillis and moringa leaves). I bought 1.5L of Sprite to save on expenses and just asked the resort if I can leave it in their fridge to which they obliged. I thank Ms. Angela de Guino who offered to sponsor my two-day day here in Dancalan Beach Resort and for that sumptuous kinunot.

I took a nap and woke up just in time for the sunset. Donsol is on the west side of Sorsogon province which treats visitors a lovely sunset on a nice cloudless day. Today it was a burst of violet, dark orange and red, I placed my sarong on the sand and just stared at the horizon. This can be lovelier if I’m traveling with someone special but there was none except for the dog that literally sat down beside me. I think he felt my longing for someone. It left me laughing on myself. Thankful for the comfort that dog brought. Man’s bestfriend are dogs talaga!

Donsol Sunset

Nothing much happened except for the bulalo soup I had for dinner. I slept early because I’m preparing to tick-off one from my bucketlist since I started travel blogging.

Route: Legazpi City, Albay – Putuiao Junction – Donsol, Sorsgon

Expenses for Today: Php430

30- toasted siopao
10- coffee
90- legazpi to sorsogon
85- sorsogon to punjab
40- to donsol
20- donsol to dancalan
65- 1.5L sprite
20- extra rice
70- bulalo and rice
Php 430


Day 35: Earthquake, Leave Everything Behind!

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Day 35: Earthquake, Leave Everything Behind! June 10, 2016