100 Days Journey


I dedicate this book to my family, my father, Papa Roel, for teaching me to believe in myself, my mom, Mama Tina, for the early independence she let me have. To my sisters, Kit who supported me financially during the beginnings of my travels and Jireh for the assistance she bestowed while I’m on the road.

I also dedicate this to all Indie travelers out there exploring the known and otherwise. Please tell the world of your adventures, of every human being’s amazing beauty, and of every wonderful sight you behold. A lot of people live vicariously through your stories, inspire them! 

I dedicate this to all the readers of my blog www.journeyingjames.com. You guys have spurred me to carry on and pursue my passion!

I dedicate this to the love of my life, Callie. I wouldn’t have met you if I didn’t do this journey.

I thank the Giver of Life for He chose me to experience life and enjoy it.





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Dedication September 22, 2014